22 Mar Bella Wants a Baby.

Bella is devoted to insect repellent and refuses to leave the house without it. Today I found out why. – Because she wants to have a baby. (Don’t worry if you cant see the connection. I couldn’t see it either. We are only mere mortals struggling to catch up with an 8yro’s leaps of reasoning and fantastical thought.)
Me – What do mosquitos have to do with babies?
Her – The TV news said that Zika virus can make babies not grow good in your tummy.
Me – But you don’t have any babies in your tummy.
Her – Not yet. But I will one day. And I want to be a good mum so I have to make sure I dont get Zika because it might hurt my baby. (Duh)

I reassured her that the effects of Zika on a pregnancy (supposedly) only last for 2yrs so she doesn’t need to worry because she won’t be having (ANY SEX) any babies for AT LEAST twenty years. She didn’t look totally convinced because hey, I’m not a TV news announcer, or a doctor, or a Zika scientist. I’m only her mother. Who’s a dreadful planner. I don’t know what I’m doing next week, let alone next year. The only thing I’ve planned for certain about my day tomorrow – is that there will be Diet Coke in it somewhere. While this child?  Is already taking steps to prep for her future babies.

So then I asked her the million dollar question. – “Why do you want a baby anyway??!! Has this child learned nothing from my whinging, ranting and complaining?? I thought you said you want to be a engineer builder like your Dad? And go exploring in the Amazon with your friend Violani? And be a vet and look after sick animals in the jungle?”

She gave me that sigh look, the one that said, Oh mum you’re so clueless. Then she said – “Of course I’m going to do all those other things. I can be a mum and a engineer and explore the Amazon and a vet. You’re more than one thing, aren’t you?”

Well, that shut me up right there.

Then she finished with – “I want a girl baby. Because I want to love her, and hug her and talk to her like what you do with me. You’re happy being my mum.” A suspicious look. “Aren’t you?”

And in that moment, all of me – even the complaining bits – was in complete unwavering agreement. “Yes, yes I am happy.”

“Good.” And off she went to slop on some more coconut oil insect repellent.


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  • Anonymous

    Your baby child’s heart leaves me speechless…in the greatest way possible!

    March 22, 2016 at 12:10 pm

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