25 May Bella’s Shop is Open!

Just a quick note to say that I finally figured out how to put Buy buttons on here and upload a bunch of stuff from Samoa that you may like. In other words, YAY WE HAVE AN ONLINE SHOP!!!

What’s it called? It was supposed to be some deeply symbolic and thought-provoking name, but Bella insisted it be called Bella’s Shop. So there you go.

What does it sell? Books. Real ones (as opposed to digital pretend fake ones haha.) All of my titles (of course) and then any and all books I can get my hands on written by a super Samoan. I’m particularly interested in getting local writers and poets up on the shop. So you can get Audrey Brown-Pereira’s second poetry collection ‘Passages In Between Islands’,  Nina Netzler’s collection ‘Counting Her Gold’ and soon I hope to get poetry books from Rev Ruperake Petaia, Enid Westerlund, Momoe Malietoa Von Reiche and more.  Also listed are Sieni A.M’s novels, ‘Scar of the Bamboo Leaf’ (warning, you will CRY!) and ‘Illumine Her’. As well as my all-time fave, ‘Girl in the Moon Circle’ by Sia Figiel.

But the book that’s literally FLYING off the shelf, is this tiny pocketbook guide, ‘Say It Easy in Samoan’. It’s a nifty handbook of everyday phrases and words, and a great way to kickstart your Samon language for only $6.00 NZD. Bella loves it, so it comes with her #BellaStar rating of approval – its basic and easy enough for kids, but let’s be honest, some of us adults could use it too. Its the most popular item in store – I just packaged up EIGHT copies for an order from a grandmother in Hawaii buying them for her grandchildren. We’re working on making a similar pocket-book of Samoan proverbs and their translations and meanings. Watch this space!earringswThe shop also has vibrant language posters that are good for kids learning Gagana Samoa. And lots of jewellery and accessories from Plantation House. There’s beautiful coconut earrings from the Savalalo Market too.

So you can be assured that when you buy from Bella’s Shop, you’re buying Samoa-made products and supporting (us) local artisans, writers and poets.

Got any suggestions for what YOU would like to see (and buy) from Bella’s Shop? Leave a comment below and be in to win ONE gift copy of ‘Say it Easy in Samoan’.

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