17 Apr How an Addict Copes without their Fix.

I had wild n weird sugar withdrawal symptoms today. The shakes. Jittery hands and dizzy brain.

Which surprised me because I’ve been so busy making yummy #eatClean meals that I havent had the time or stomach space to miss my sugar fixes of…cookies, a lamington from Mynas store, a sugar donut or german bun from Luckys Foodtown, a thick crusty peanut butter n jam sandwich, a bowl of sweet granola WITH extra sugar added!

You dont realize how hooked you are on refined sugar and processed carbs – until you cut them from your life.

Which is why I love my breakfast ice-cream. Think of it as an extra thick, extra whipped, extra delicious smoothie. Reduce the liquid and pile on the fruit and vegetables so it has the consistency of ice cream. Then eat quick – and get brain freeze. Its worth it.

Last week I chopped and froze an assortment of local fruit and vegies in individual sandwich bags. Easy to grab and make for breakfast.


Every morning I start with the juice of one niu (young coconut), then add the frozen pack. I have different variations – theres an endless variety of options. Today I made one with all frozen bananas, esi (papaya), soursop, mandarins, lime, laupele and threw in some fresh basil at the end.


It was beautiful. Like a tub of divine sorbet but with a creamy richness from the coconut and the bananas. It was so good that I was forced to share with my children who decided Mum’s “special ice cream” was special enough for their refined tastebuds.

Other variations to blend with a niu are:
* Reeses Dream – frozen bananas, esi, grated Koko Samoa, a spoon of peanut butter. Gives you the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter.
* Tropical Delight – frozen bananas/esi/mandarins/soursop/carrots/pineapple/laupele/kale.  Add 2tbspns of raw oatmeal. Juice of a Tahitian lime. Or two! Filling and fabulous.
* Pina Colada – frozen bananas/pineapple. 1/2 tspn vanilla.

Im not a vegetable juice person so I only put vegetables into my smoothie ice-creams that dont have a strong taste. A vegetable with a higher water content is usually going to have a strong taste thats hard to mask. Thats why I dont put cucumbers or celery into my smoothies. Yuck. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, laupele, lettuce, brocoli etc are good ‘tasteless’ vegies. I like eating raw carrots so lots of em go into the mix. I read that zucchini doesnt have a taste in a smoothie so Im going to try it. Im also slowly experimenting with fresh herbs. Cautiously because Im still a little freaked out by the concept of a HERB with my fruits!

As a hardcore sugar addict whos cut out processed foods and refined sugars – a breakfast fruit and vegie smoothie is perfect. It gives me a hit of good sugar and it tastes like ice cream so it cancels out the dessert craving. And I can disguise lots of vegetables in there. Living in Samoa with all its fresh fruit and coconuts is great for smoothies. Especially when you make the most of fruit thats in season and put in the time to chop it all up for freezer smoothie packs.

Whats YOUR favorite smoothie combo?

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