16 Apr Let Food Be Thy Medicine

I’ve been struggling with rubbish health issues over the last two years. Everything from killer anemia to a mutant uterus to inexplicable fatigue to photodermatitis to a foggy brain that cant seem to process stuff easily to being a bloated whale all the time to WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEE???!!!

Doctors have proposed several different things and some stuff has helped while others havent. I’ve seen one specialist and am seeing another one next month about possible auto-immune disease. The worst thing about it all tho, is the not knowing what exactly is wrong. Its frustrating and makes me feel helpless. For a control freak like me – thats not a good thing! I want answers! I want a gameplan! I want a list of THINGS TO DO SO I DONT SUDDENLY DROP DEAD.And I want them all now!

So Im taking back some control of this mess. Instead of just waiting for a diagnosis, my little sister suggested “let food be thy medicine”. She’s a pro nutritionist (and pole dancing chemical engineer) so she knows what she’s talking about.

Food for healing, food for nurturing means eating “clean”. Im also aiming for including lots of anti-inflammation foods, cutting out red meat and going easy on dairy products. To help me be more accountable and because Im excited about making this work, Im going to be sharing my attempts (and failures) on here. If youve got any good tips, please share them!

Day One
A trip to the market hunting for fruits and vegies that I will actually eat. No point wasting money and fridge space on things that look good on the nutritional scale…but make me want to throwup. That means those purple things? Isalaelu (eggplant) are a YUCK NO. Everything else? Good.
Fish is a fab clean food. Especially when its super fresh here in Samoa. I got some tuna fillets from Lucky Foodtown, soaked them in lime juice (Tahitian limes from the Tauese drive thru market) and then grilled them with a sprinkling of black pepper, paprika, cumin and rock salt. Green beans are a fave vegetable of mine, and I particularly like them covered in grated cheese…but I made do with a generous squeeze of lime. Added mushrooms cooked with onions and garlic and lunch was complete!
It was actually delicious and surprised me by being so filling that I could hardly finish it all. Or maybe it was the ten glasses of water I’d consumed??

#DayOne of #eating Clean was a success. I felt good. And theres something quite satisfying about shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking your own food – without a single label or box or packaged processed thing in sight. The control freak in me? Rejoiced.

What did I learn from day one?
1. Fish is my friend. Its quick to cook and relatively easy. Blessed to live in Samoa with lots of fresh seafood.
2. Bulking up my plate with vegies that I actually like is a good way to enjoy my food and not feel like this is suffering.
3. Lime juice makes everything taste nicer.

Bring on the rest of my (healthy) life!

  • Lisa

    Hi Lani, great that you are using food as part of your medicine! If you haven’t already, look up Sarah Wilson and “I quit sugar”…she also has/had (?) an auto immune disease which has been improved immensely by cutting out sugar (fructose) in all it’s forms (Including fruit for the first few weeks of the 8 week program). It might not be a cure all but I am sure it will help. For me personally a “paleo inspired” diet (I’m not giving up cheese, coffee or wine for anyone!) makes me feel so much better, even my joints stop aching!
    Best of luck with your health ‘journey’.

    April 18, 2016 at 10:56 pm
  • Scarlett

    Awesome to read. I went plant based 9 years ago after years of being sick and a death in the family. Best choice I ever made and I’ve been pretty healthy since. Maybe something to consider on your journey.

    April 18, 2016 at 11:12 pm
  • Anonymous

    It’s so hard, mcdonald’s trip with a bunch of Polynesian boys are frequent for me! lol good luck with the healthy eating!

    April 19, 2016 at 7:44 am
  • Mary

    Fish is good but not as safe as some thinks, ocean fish are high on mercury. Eating now n then would be okay. My family went into transition from pescetarian diet to pure plant base. It was not as hard as I anticipated having to feed 10, 11, 12 year old kids. Never felt better and healthier. Kodus to my husband who’s a full blooded Samoan to initiate this healthy living into our family. Good luck!!

    April 19, 2016 at 8:37 am

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