14 May Library Fantasies.

Confession – we were living in Auckland when the Telesa books were first published. The library was my happy place when I was a kid, namely the Nelson Memorial Public Library in Apia Samoa. So its always been a dream of mine to see my book on the library shelf – so I kept going to the library closest to us in Auckland and searching for Telesa. In a very  SUBTLE NONCHALANT IM-NOT-A-WEIRD-1ST-TIME-AUTHOR kinda way.

The day it came up on the computer log was a happy day…BUT I still couldnt see the books because they were always out. Yes I was happy people were borrowing them but frustrated because I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE DAMMIT. I even contemplated sneaking in some copies from home so I could place them in a strategic prominent place (where REALLY AWESOME POPULAR BOOKS go 😜) and then take a picture…

Dont worry, I never did that. And I never did get to see my books on the shelf at the Henderson Waitakere Library *sad sigh*.

But since then, fabulous readers have indulged my #authorDream and sent in pics of my books on their library shelves, from libraries in NZ to Australia to Hawaii to Samoa and more. And every one of them – makes me happy. Thank you! Please keep them coming.

Libraries and fabulous librarians have been awesome supporters of me and my books over the last five years since Telesa first came out. Both community AND school libraries have not only acquired my books, but also hosted book signings and author talks.

Libraries rock.
This beautiful shelf of (awesome thrilling hugely-in-demand books auuuuu 😎)  is in Otara Library. 💜


Northcote Library, Auck


Book signing at a school library in Sydney Australia.


Kelston Girls High School in Auck NZ


Victoria University Library, Wellington NZ


Lefaga High School library in Samoa has Telesa.

Does your library have my books? Please send me a pic!

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