13 Mar Loving Being a Writer In Utah


This right here is what I LOVE about being a writer. Meeting young readers and writers in a school thousands of miles away from Samoa – and being able to sit and #talkBooks and #TalkTelesa with them. Today was a stand-out school experience for me – one where I was taught, inspired AND entertained by the students and staff of Pacific Heritage Academy here in Utah. Beginning with an epic Community Circle assembly that had me laughing, humming along (ok and trying not to leap up and #bustAMove dance…) – to a discussion session with 7th and 8th graders who blew me away with their thought-provoking questions and preparation. Read some of their poetry as well and rather in awe at the depth and insight of these young writers and the teachers who are guiding them. So impressed with the work theyre doing and grateful for the opportunity to spend the day.
They wanted to know what kind of books I like and there was a thrilled buzz when I said #HungerGames #Narnia @johngreenwritesbooks #Divergent – all books theyre reading right now. Its so true that stories / books can unite people no matter how far apart we may be geographically. I left there feeling encouraged because #theFutureLooksBright. Thank you Pacific Heritage Academy.

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