08 Jan New books coming in 2019

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve just returned from 5 weeks in New Zealand where we were celebrating with our two eldest children as they graduated from University (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF< THANK YOU LORD!), and where we were renovating our NZ home. Now its back to work and a fresh new start to writing books in a brand new year! I’m happy to announce that I will be writing fulltime in 2019, and getting three new books to you.

  1. Scarlet Redemption – You’ve waited patiently for the third book in Scarlet’s story and I appreciate your longsuffering and encouragement. My cover artist is working on the cover now and the preorder links will go up soon, for a March release. As you know, Scarlet’s story isn’t your typical romance novel, ie its got a whole bunch of messy complications thanks to her aiga and dealing with unresolved messiness from her past. This made some of this novel difficult to write at times. And then other parts an absolute delight as Scarlet fights for her happy ending. If you need to catch up with the first two books before the third one comes out, you can find them here: Scarlet Lies   and   Scarlet Secrets.
  2. Embrace of Earth – I hope you enjoyed Ocean’s Kiss from the Telesa World Series, because this is a second book. This book tells the story of two of my favorite characters from the original Telesa Trilogy, Teuila and Keahi. It picks up about 12 years after the end of The Bone Bearer, so its not a YA novel because our characters are not teenagers anymore. I’ve really had fun writing this book and I can’t wait for you to read it! It’s also my first time creating a #manVillain which was something new for me. Usually I’m all about the viciously, fiercely beautiful and #badConflicted female characters! And let me tell you that if you were ever undecided between Daniel Tahi and Keahi Meredith, then you NEED to read this book and see Keahi all grown up…and on top of the world. I’m rather impressed with him myself lol. Embrace of Earth will release at the end of July and pre-order links will go up soon also.
  3. Untitled – We haven’t seen a Telesa Matagi since the first books with Nafanua and her Covenant Sisterhood and this book answers the question of, ‘Did any of the Sisterhood have any gifted daughters hmmm? What happened to them after the Sisterhood was destroyed by Leila?’ This is a YA novel set in the Telesa World series and tells the story of a young teenager who finds that some unusual things keep happening to her whenever there’s a storm outside… She meets a mysterious woman from Tonga who offers her a place at a training academy on the island of Niua. Look out for it in November!


Other Books Coming:

Afakasi Woman – My amazing publisher OneTree House NZ has bought the rights to my collection of short fiction which won the USP Press Prize in 2011. They’ve done some fab things with it and it will release for the first time ever in print later this year. If you’re an English teacher in secondary school, definitely check out this collection. I remember when I was an English teacher here in Samoa, that there weren’t many short stories from the Pacific that we could use to study with our students. This collection can help with that. Will let you know the publishing date once its confirmed by OneTree House NZ. You can check out their website for other great titles as well.

Untitled – I’m collaborating with my father Dr Tuaopepe Felix Wendt to produce a bilingual collection of my stories for children. He’s going to translate my stories that were previously published by the NZ School Journal, and several others which haven’t been published yet. There’s a great need for bilingual Samoan and English fiction and I’m glad my Dad has agreed to work on this, yay! Who knows, maybe he will translate Telesa next!

Because I have a big writing and publishing load this year, I won’t be accepting any/many invites to speak or to do #authorPromo. Gotta focus on the writing.  I have accepted one invitation for August though – to tour with the 2019 Storyline Story Tour in NZ which will visit a ton of different schools all crammed into 5 days. It sounds a bit crazy and daunting, and Im a bit nervous, especially about facing so many young people aaaaargh! But I’m honored to be invited and will try very hard not to be boring and mundane!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement which has made it possible for my books to go so many places I never imagined they would reach. I look forward to a productive and fabulous year. As always you can find me on:




  • Niceh

    OMG Lani, I can’t wait! I just read the Scarlet series (for the fourth time) both 1 and 2 (both yesterday) and now looking forward to March! 2019 will be an awesome year with the release of not just one but three new books. We’ll pray you continue to be blessed with health, creativity and some more shamazing hot sizzling desserts of the delicious kind.

    January 9, 2019 at 11:15 pm
  • Fara

    Ummmm is there a book app that I can download your book???plsssss

    April 16, 2019 at 2:45 pm

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