02 Sep No woman actually WANTS an abortion.

So without even reading a health report that includes a recommendation to legalise abortion – our esteemed leader has rubbished it and emphatically said it will never happen in Samoa.

“Government will never ever accept legalizing abortion for any purposes regardless.

“It is murder and similar to giving our women the license to kill. And that is absolutely against our religious Christian values, and beliefs. It’s also totally against our culture and our way of life.”

“…its a useless waste of government stationary and time to acknowledge or even to respond to such suggestions.”

In other words, he never wants to hear about it or talk about it again. The End.

Spoken like a person who’s never been pregnant.

Who’s never felt what it’s like to be raped. By a boyfriend. A father. An uncle.

Who’s never been 13 and pregnant. Thanks to your predator grandfather. Oh – and then beaten by your family and chased out of home because YOU were ‘asking for it’ with your cheeky attitude.

Who’s never been married to a man who beats you if you refuse to have sex with him.

Who’s never then gotten pregnant with yet another child and had to struggle with finding a way to feed, clothe and send 7…8…9 children to school.

Who’s never been suicidal with postnatal depression. Or so sick with a host of pregnancy complications that you spend months living in hospital.

Who’s had doctors warn you that another pregnancy will kill you.

Who’s with a man who’s supposed to love you, but refuses to wear a condom, tells you he will ‘find sex somewhere else if you dont give it to me’, and then that birth control pill fails because ITS NOT 100% EFFECTIVE.

I could go on…but I wont.

It must be nice to be so oblivious to the lived reality of many different women in this country.

Because the reality is that no woman actually WANTS an abortion. Sometimes, due to some horrible situations some women NEED an abortion. (Usually situations where a man gets to do whatever he wants – and then a woman has to carry the consequences of his rubbish choices.)

A DV report says 60% of women in Samoa live with domestic violence.  You really think all those women have much say over who they have sex with and whether its #safeSex?  Leaders – let’s talk about that.

Our youth don’t have adequate access to good health and sex education. (Many of us adults could use some basic education in this too.) Leaders – let’s talk about that too.

Contraceptives and informed family planning options are not readily available to all women across Samoa. Leaders – can we talk about this?

And we have far too many men who think sex is a right – that they can demand whenever they feel like. Please, majority male leadership in government – talk about that too.

Newsflash – Nobody dances with delight at the thought of terminating a pregnancy.

So instead of rambling off some trite remarks about murder and #notOurCulture – how about all our Parliamentarians take the time to actually read the health report?

Go learn about the reasons that women in this country might need an abortion.

And then talk to us about how you’re going to address those problems. Give us some ‘divine whispers’ on that.

Because honestly? Women don’t want to ever have to talk about or think about abortion either.

Because while I know that our leaders do care about what happens to women in Samoa – that doesn’t show in press statements on abortion that are isolated from any of the other issues that come into it.

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