08 Oct Only Princesses Allowed.

Some people may infer from my blog and Facebook chatter, that Bella is spoilt rotten. That she believes she’s the center of our universe. Of everyone’s universe. I usually try to debate those inferences with those people.

But then things happen that make me doubt my own objectivity in this matter.

Like yesterday, the child came in my room to ask, “Mama can you tell me your secret?”

I don’t have one, I said.

“Yes you do,” she said. “Your very bestest secret. Your nicest secret.”

What is it, I ask. What’s my best secret?

“That you love me best than all the other kids. That I’m your bestest favourite love in the whole world.”

You are? I say.

She nods her head with a satisfied smile and says, “Shhh, we better not tell the other children.” Then she hugs me. And goes to her room. Which has a sign on the door like this.


I’m beginning to think those people may be right.

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