30 Sep Sprinting Seniors

Big Daughter is home from NZ for the school holidays. Today she went with her grandfather on his morning exercise route. My father is legend fit and consistent with his exercise. He does two loops of Tuanaimato Sports Complex 5 days a week. This was Big Daughter’s first time to train with him and she came back a little freaked out because she said:
a. Grampa’s super fit!
b. Do you know that Grampa has counted exactly how many steps it takes to walk Tuanaimato? And he always does the same number every time? And he wanted me to count them too?
c. Grampa told me he usually only does two laps but because Im here, we will do three. And then when we’re midway thru the third one, he says ‘oh sometimes when i go too far or too fast, then I get dizzy and nearly faint. And I need to have my medicine so my heart doesn’t stop.’ I was worried he would faint and it would be all my fault!
d. When we’re 100m from the car, Grampa SPRINTS. Like he wants to race. Even tho he just told me that he gets funny heart ‘tremors’ and feels faint sometimes. I had to chase after him and I don’t know why he wants to race. Isn’t he like, 87 or something?!

My life goal is obviously to be a fit n fast sprinting woman. When I’m 87. (We all know it will probably take me that long to ever get there…)

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