12 May The Restaurant Critic.

The Hot Man got a dinner invite from a visiting steel supplier rep from NZ. “He invited my wife to come too,” he said.

Eavesdropper Bella jumped in, “Did he invite me too?”

“No,” I said. “Why would he? He doesnt even know you.” I never get invited anywhere. No way am I sharing my dinner out with my 8 year old.

Bella was not deterred. “When he meets me though, then he will be happy to know me and take me for dinner.” Because she’s awesome of course. “You should just take me with you.” Then she added a qualifier. “But NOT if youre going to Pinati’s for dinner. If youre going to Paddles Restaurant then yes Im definitely happy to be your guest. OR Amanaki restaurant. And yes to Scalinis.”

WTH?? This child with no job and no money is a restaurant snob. We are definitely doing something wrong here. When her big siblings were her age THEY pleaded to go to McDonalds.

Parenting fail.

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