15 Mar Time to BE with your Child.

As a mum of five, I know that parenting is often about being forever-tired, yelling at kids to do stuff and to move faster as we chase the clock – and then when the day ends, being riddled with guilt as you look back at just how often you were mean or impatient with them that day…

I dont know about you, but in my last twenty years of being a mum, there have been definite moments when I couldnt stand the sight of my children and wished I could run away to Asgard with Thor.

We only have two left at home now and that means part of every day is spent missing the #BigKids who arent here. And slowing down to appreciate more, the time I have with my #SmallKids.

Like today, stopping at Krush Cafe after school for a delish icy fruit smoothie with Bella. We talked about school, her friends and teachers. Did some of her homework and laughed over some of her stories. It was a precious reminder to me what a genuine delight it can be to BE with one’s child. To enjoy their company. When we arent swept away and busy with the busyness of being their parents!

I left the cafe happy and uplifted. Maybe because we’d had a smoothie-date, Bella was on a high for the rest of the day, helpful and chatty. Today was a good day to be a mum.

So to all the parents out there, if youre struggling to make it through a day with your kids – youre not alone. We all have moments when being a parent IS a chore (and maybe you too are wishing you could run away to Asgard with Thor Hemsworth…)

But this I know. In amidst all the mess and stress, there are pockets of peace and even precious bursts of joy – if you look for them. If you slow down, take a breath and just BE with that small human who’s growing up with lightning speed. Who will one day, all too soon, be a #BigKid moving out into the big world. Leaving you to miss them.

(And to book your flight to Hemsworth’s Australia Asgard??….)

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