10 Nov When we listen with open hearts, harmony happens

In a poignant moment of unity and connection here at the United Nations Climate Conference in Bonn, an environmental activist from Rapa Nui joined the Fiji Police Band in an impromptu song.

As the band was preparing for their 5 o’clock musical performance, the delegate from Rapa Nui asked if he could please join them.

At first there was obvious unease from the Fijians and a tinge of distrust as a total stranger asked to borrow their instruments and share a song.

But the man persisted with a humble engaging demeanour and encouraging smiles, and the Fijians responded with a willingness to listen. Within a few minutes he was teaching them a song from his homeland.

When asked what does the song mean, he explained, “Its about remembering our ancestors and honoring them. Asking for their strength as we protect the earth.”

The crowd here at the Bonn Zone were then treated to a beautiful musical number, one richly sweet with hope for what is possible when we listen to one another, and work in harmony.

May it be a song that all the decision-makers here at COP23 can hear.

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