29 Dec You Were Yelling

We went to buy a Sim card for the Daughter’s new phone that she got for Christmas. From her Dad. Because we all know Im broke and cant buy anybody a phone. Because Im a writer and (most) writers are impoverished hermits who write in garrets and gutters. Unless youre J.K Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. And as my children FREQUENTLY like to point out to me, I am neither of those people.

Anyway, I digress. As usual. Back to the tale at hand.

There we were in the main headquarters of the mobile phone company. Because leaving the house makes me anxious and gives me stress hives. Because I loathe going to town and I didnt want to risk going to one of the smaller outlets in case they didnt have any SIM cards and then I would be forced to drive and park and walk inside yet another store.

We stood in line for a VERY LONG TIME. Like, watch-your-nails-grow long time. Like, do sit-ups and grow abs long time. Like, make you wish you never thought of being a good mum and getting a SIM for your kid’s phone. Like, IF YOU DONT HURRY UP IM GONNA SCREAM long time.

Finally it was our turn.

‘Sorry we dont have any SIM cards,’ said the woman.


‘We’re out of stock and waiting for our new order to arrive,’ replied the woman.

‘You couldnt put up a sign to say that? So that we know as soon as we walk in that there’s no SIM cards? I’ve been waiting in line all this time. ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT I WASTED MY TIME DRIVING HERE AND WAITING SO LONG FOR NOTHING!!!???’

The woman was flustered. ‘Yes. I mean no. I mean, can you come back when we have more stock please. Or can you go to our other store and see if they have some.”

No I could not go to their other store.

Driving in town= anxiety.
Parking in town = panic.
Walking through town = anxiety + panic.

And for what? So they could tell me they got no SIMs either??

I was proud of myself that I didnt say any bad words. I really wanted to. Instead we left and I complained all the way home. About useless companies that cant use their common sense and put up a damn sign when theyve run out of their main product. Duh.

The daughters sat real quietly in the car and didnt say anything. I figured it was because they were in complete agreement with me. And mourning the fact they still had no SIM for the new phone.

But that night at family dinner when it was time for everyone to share about their day, Middle Daughter said, ‘Today was so embarassing. Mum yelled at the poor lady at the cellphone place. Everybody was looking at us.’

Yelling?? I wasnt yelling. I was speaking firmly and severely.

Bella piped up. ‘ You were yelling. People on the other side of the building were staring.’

Well thats because we had to wait FOREVER for service and…

Middle Daughter corrected me. ‘No we didnt. We were only waiting for ten minutes. I timed it. With my new phone.’

Now the whole family was staring at me. With disapproval.

I tried again to defend myself. ‘Im sure it was longer than ten minutes. Theres something wrong with the clock on your phone. Besides, thats not the point. The point is they should have a sign up saying they got no SIM cards.’

Big Son disagreed. ‘The point is you shouldnt be yelling at the poor woman. She doesnt own the company and shes not in charge of ordering stock. Its not her fault theres no SIM cards.’

Bella got up and did an impromptu Angry-Lani-impression. – Hands waving in the air. Beast face. Loud voice. ‘Ive been waiting and waiting so long. This isnt good enough!’
Then she added, ‘And the shop lady had this frozen pretend smile on her face like a Dory, Just keep smiling! Just keep smiling!’

There was nothing else I could say in my defence. And after receiving much castigating and general censure from the entire family, I had to conclude, that, Okay fine. You’re right. Maybe I was over reacting a little bit. I didnt need to be a mean customer.’

So to the customer service staff who got kinda yelled at spoken to firmly and severely yesterday. Im sorry. I was unreasonable and mean. Thank you for being patient with me.

(But I still think you should put up a damn sign when you run out of SIM cards.)

  • … unsure where the ‘recount’s heading’ with all due respect, apart from a literal reading of the contents… but I’m surprised it sounded like ‘APIA’ of the early ’60’s when I was growing up there as a young lad. At least Samoa has managed to remain unchanged over the decades…! lol

    December 29, 2015 at 2:31 pm
  • Ria

    I understand firm and severe voices more than you know. Thanks for the laughs!

    December 29, 2015 at 7:53 pm
  • Beverley Morgan

    Haha I know the exact provider you are talking about. I have had many a return trip there when they were supposed to load my data bundle but somehow ‘forgot’ Yes a simple sign is all it takes. Being a Kiwi though I am generally very impressed with Samoan tolerance. Great article.

    December 30, 2015 at 12:54 pm

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