03 Jun My New Book – KEAHI

My next novel has a title and a cover. And its fire!

Ahi – the Hawaiian word for fire. Keahi – he who bears fire within.

She used to be the young girl whose soul sang with butterflies and called to the living earth. A girl who had stood with him on a scorched battle field and set him alight with her strange gifts. A girl afraid, yet still defiant. A girl who long ago had asked him to teach her how to kill. Now years later, a world-renowned artist and climate justice activist.

He was the boy who fought, bled and hurt others. Simmering with fire he could not command. Burning with rage and forever haunted by the memory of the sister he could not save. A boy scarred and alone. Now, MMA champion and adored movie star, but still troubled by the fiery sins of the past.

Is it chance that brings them together again? Or something else? There’s a dark force stirring in Teuila’s homeland. A curse is invoked by the earth guardian Saumaeafe when a merciless resort developer stirs her wrath, and now the death bringer comes. Who will stand against him? Can the curse be lifted? Will Keahi and Teuila overcome all that divides them – in time to save each other?

COMING SOON – A new novel in the Telesa World series that continues the stories of all your favorite characters from the Telesa Trilogy. The Telesa World series asks, what happens when your fave teenagers grow up?

Preorder links and purchase info will be posted soon.

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