21 Nov Can We have a Quiet Baby This Time?

“Can we have a quiet baby this time? You know, one that doesn’t make a lot of noise or be real naughty like Zach?” Questions your children ask when you tell them you’re going to have another baby and they already know that pregnancy could kill you. I stumbled across this long-ago entry from 2007. It made me realize how valuable our journals and blogs are, for capturing memories and giving one the opportunity to relive precious experiences. If you don’t have a journal or anything similar, then I encourage you to start one. Quick.

Birthing Bella Beast

This entry is dedicated to my four amazing children – who have been amazing me even more than usual in the past two weeks. All four of them have appointed themselves ‘guardian of the sickly pregnant mother’. Initially, the older two responded to the news of the impending new lifeform with frankness and honesty – “But mum you cant have another baby because you’ll die. The doctor said no more.”

Ummm yeees…but life kind of had other plans for us…Heavenly Father sent us another one!

Big Daughter was rather befuddled – “but then maybe you should send it back then?!”

 After the initial parent- child talks the topic then turned to okay, so we’re stuck with a baby on the way mum, so what should we do about it? Big Son wistfully asked – “Can we have a quiet baby this time? You know, one that doesnt make a lot of noise or be real naughty like Zach?” (Oh Big Son – there can only be ONE Zach….he is one unique and special darling which we can never replicate….thank goodness.) 
Big Daughter was troubled – “but if we have a baby, then that means we cant go to the beach anymore…” (my poor deprived children – we only take them to the beach once a year and now even that is under threat of extinction…sigh)

But they have rallied to the cause. Now, I have four willing errand runners, drink-of-water-fetchers, hair-brushers, comfort-givers, and hugs and kisses galore. All iIhave to do is cough really loud and Little Son comes running yelling at the top of his lungs “Mama’s throwing up! Help her, quick, mums throwing up!” Then if it’s a false alarm he wants to give me some love – grubby, sweaty, goober filled kisses….Okay thank you son – no go away and play far away please! Yesterday he wanted to be helpful, so he dished a big plate of spaghetti bolognaise and then dumped it on the floor of my living room and let the puppy in to eat it -“But Darth Vader’s hungry!”

Big Son is improving his culinary skills day by day. He cooks all the meals. He knows how to make steak and rice, spaghetti bolognaise, pancakes, french toast, sausages and rice, toasted sadnwiches, tuna and rice – oh and did I mention steak and rice? Not only does he cook the food, but he then supervises feeding all the others so iIdont have to smell it. This afternoon I asked the chef – so what shall you cook for us tonight son? He said,”How about pizza from Giordannos?” Every chef needs a night off!

Little Daughter is Florence Nightingale – the flowing, ethereal, lovely versions of her. (as opposed to the ones where she actually sweats and cleans up blood and grime in the Crimea war fields…) She loves to come and pat my head  and speak softly to me…”oh poor mummy is so sick…dont worry your darling Zion is here to make you happy…” She brings lots of flowers from the garden for my room and insists on telling me every rotten thing her little brother has done that day to get on her nerves because she knows I was sick and missed it. She whispers in my ear – “Mummy, zachie was a naughty boy and he ate three marshmallows but you never said he could…but dont worry i will send him to time out,okay” She asks me everyday – “so what does ‘our’ baby look like today mum? Does she have long hair like me?” She has even tried to commandeer the marital bed and kick her dad out of the room to forage for sleeping space elsewhere “Dad – I have to sleep with mummy so i can hug her when she feels sad or sick okay!” So her father has been sleeping in the glorious pink glitter princess bed. (Lucky him)

Big Daughter is my right hand woman. She baths little ones, sorts laundry, takes little ones outside to play, and then when she has a spare moment – comes to sit with me in the air condition and talk about deep and meaningful things that I never even considered when i was that age. Today she asked, “why is it that we have to be us forever? Like why do we have to be only the same person for the rest of our lives, even when we die and go to the spirit world? Wouldn’t’ it be nice to be someone different in the future?” Maybe I should tell her about reincarnation? 
All in all, the past few weeks have given me the opportunity to get to know my children a little better in new and interesting ways. There’s been a lot less mother-yellng and nagging going on and the home is way more peaceful. Best of all, my children are becoming more self-sufficient, selfless and responsible. Well at least the older two are!  The two younger Z’s are battling it out on the trampoline right now as I write. Shes got him in a Rock-lockdown and is pummeling the heck out of his stomach and I think hes laughing…or is that a scream for help?



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