24 Jun Pray for Happy Periods

So we’ve been trying in our house, to take the YUCK out of menstruation. Make periods NOT shameful, NOT secret, NOT dirty and NOT horrifying.

We give em the biological facts, we talk about various bodily functions openly and without hushed whispers, and we try to generally talk about the menstrual cycle in a positive way.

I dunno. Maybe we’ve overdone it tho. Because Bella’s sister got her period for the first time and when it was Bella’s turn to say the family prayer, she asked God to please,

“Bless my sister’s period so it will be a happy and fun one. Bless her so the period wont be really sore and she can still ride bikes with me. And especially bless her period so it wont leak everywhere and make a big mess. Amen.”

The Hot Man gave me a What the heck was that?! look behind Bella’s back. The kind of look that says accusingly, What have you been teaching our kids?? Hello??!!

Because thats what every teenager wants, right? – For their 7yro kid sister to pray about their period at the dinner table. Really loudly. In front of everyone.

How do you handle periods in YOUR house?

  • Leilani Martinez

    That is hilariouis! I feel for poor Big Sister, but I love Bella’s heart to want to help her sister have a “good” period! Maybe you should tell Bella that there is no such thing as a “good” period, but that it was very sweet what she prayed for. We’ve always been open about those things around our house, though we never thought about praying about it. We prayed about the devilish emotions that sometimes accompany our “friend” as we used to call it. But the funniest “period” story I want to share with you is when my baby son (who is now 42), was around 11 or 12. We were packing to go on a week’s vacation during the summer school holidays. As I was getting ready to close my suitcase, he came up and dropped 2 packs of tampons on top of my clothes. “What are those for, Larry?” I innocently asked. He gave me that “I can’t believe you’re asking me that, Mom!” look and exclaimed matter of factly, “With three women in this family, someone’s always flowing.” I thanked him and closed my suitcase. Then I broke into raucous laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 24, 2015 at 9:02 pm
  • Lina Laki

    Seriously hilarious. You should hear my 3 year olds prayer. Unfortunate I’m not the only girl in my household and family of 4. My husband and 2 boys. But she is too cut!

    July 6, 2015 at 3:53 am

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