15 Jul There’s a dreamy cover and it’s beautiful!

Some updates. Ocean’s Kiss has a cover! (Many thanks and chocolate chip cookies for James who made it for me.)

I sent out an excerpt from Ocean’s Kiss in the newsletter today, a piece of Ronan and Moanasina’s story. If you havent subscribed to the newsletter, then sign up quick because I have a fiery #hotness Telesa short story going out in the next one. Dont miss out!

If you’re in Auckland, I will be doing some author things at the 2018 National Writer’s Forum in September and would love to see you there. I’m giving a keynote speech about the conference theme, WRITE TO LIVE, LIVE TO WRITE. I’m also running a workshop on the basics of self-publishing so if you’ve been wanting to learn how to get your writing to a worldwide audience, then sign up. I’ll be on a couple of panels as well. Check out their program. They have a brilliant list of authors participating (and I feel sick because theres so many superstar authors there and Im going to forget to breathe and forget my words and probably fall down in their presence!)

The first book in the Telesa Series is FREE on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes&Noble and Kobo. So if you want to refresh your memory before Ocean’s Kiss comes out in September, and maybe your cousin borrowed your book and never returned it? No problem, just download your free copy.

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