11 Nov What’s Up?

Writing is going furiously well. I’m aiming to have both these books out before end of December. (Okay, maybe one will be out in January. Should probably allow space for interaction with the outside world. And children. And that man Im married to.)

The Fab5 are deep in exams right now. Its hard to be far away from Big Son while he takes on his first ever law exams. I worry about him. Is he getting enough sleep, enough to eat. I want to hug him, make him laugh and cook something nice for him. Ok I lie, I want to take him out for awesome dinner somewhere with really good dessert menu. This is why I love the internet. He was stressed and discouraged the other night so I ordered him pizza delivery with dessert. I went to bed happy that my boy had a nice dinner.

An update on the Reeses calamity. A very nice woman from America who came for a quick visit, brought me a bag of Reeses chocolate. So thoughtful and kind! I ate it real quick. Before the family could tell me to save it for Big Son. (Yes I worry about him far away having exams but not enough to give him my new bag of Reeses.) Thank you Anne!  But before you all hate on me for being greedy, the Hot Man went to American Samoa again and brought back a bag of Reeses, ‘FOR MY SON.’ So it’s all good.

On the official author front – I got invited to be keynote speaker at the graduation for Vaiola College in Savaii. I’ve never been to Vaiola and I was 8 the last time I went to Savaii. I’m nervous about the ferry but otherwise grateful for the opportunity. Im also nervous about what to say. And of course finding something to wear that’s appropriate for actually leaving the house in… Also got my confirmed itinerary for author trip to Utah in March 2015. I’m speaking for Women’s History month at several different places including the Salt Lake Community College and a conference for teachers and another for Pacific Island heritage. I’ve never been to Utah. And seeing the list of speeches I have to prep makes me feel ill. I shall put it away somewhere and not think about it. Until next year.


To end this update, reason #2345678 why the Hot Man is never ever allowed to run away/get hit by a bus. – Because he’s the only one who can brush Bella’s tangle of hair and not make her scream and shout, “Nooo stop it, it hurts, youre hurting meeeeeeee, get away from meeeee, you meanieeee!” ( neighbors please note, when you hear that sound, my child is not being tortured or slowly chopped into pieces, no. It means her mother is trying to brush her hair.)

  • vei

    OMGEE!!! Lani i am looking forward to your trip to Utah in 2015. you will love it out here

    November 12, 2014 at 1:46 am
  • WOW such wonderful and exciting things coming up for you! I bet amazon would ship you Reeces won’t they? There seem to be all sorts of rude international shipping rules.

    November 12, 2014 at 3:54 pm

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