10 Oct Wild Fantastical Dreams

If you’re one of my five blog readers who HASN’T read my book TELESA – then now is your chance to get it really cheap, really quick.

Amazon has the ebook on sale for  .99 cents only. Cheaper than a Boston Cream donut! Or a Diet Coke!

This sale is on for only 48hrs which means you better be fast.

Remember you dont need to own a Kindle or an ereader to buy the book. You can download the free Kindle reading app to your computer or your phone and read TELESA that way.
Here’s the link to the sale:
Telesa (Book One in the Telesa Series)

I hope everyone tells everybody about this super fab sale – like, tell everybody at your church, and your work, and your favorite cafe, and your gym (good on you if you actually belong to a gym and theres actually people there who recognize you because you like, actually GO there often enough)

Like please tell your cousin’s aunties’ husband’s mother’s brother… AND all your friends, and your friend’s friends. And your friends’ cousins. I think that covers everybody, right?

If everybody you know buys a copy for less  than a dollar, will I make lots of money? No. (Sadly.) Because Amazon only gives the author 30% of a book on sale for 99 cents, which kinda sorta isnt much.

But, the super cool thing about this sale is that IF enough people buy a copy, then TELESA will break into the TOP 100 bestseller listing on Amazon, and possibly other linked bestseller lists (like..the USA Today listing, and the New York Times listing…) No Samoan book has ever gotten into the top 100 ranking…just thinking about it is making me feel faint. (I need a donut. Sustenance is required.)

Right now, TELESA is sitting on 249 on the overall Amazon bestseller list. The highest a Samoan book has ever gone on the ranking is 133? – which was BONE BEARER when it was first released last year.

A Samoan book cracking the Amazon Top 100 is a wild fantastical dream (everybody sigh with me now as we imagine wild fantastical dreams coming true…*sigh*) But hey, dreams are what make life wildly fantastically fun, right!

So please and fa’amolemole, if you have a spare moment – share this sale with a friend who might enjoy reading a book set in contemporary Samoa… a book that some have called #ThePacificTwilight…a book that makes you fall in love with Samoa (and Daniel Tahi)…a book that’s currently being optioned for film…a book that I love.

Thank you!


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